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Our company's primary focus is advising clients on international asset acquisitions, high-grading exploration prospect portfolios plus a strong production technology team to evaluate brownfield development utilizing innovative approaches. 

We will work with your company to tailor a team to fit your needs. 

Each member and affiliate of DB Global Energy has worldwide experience in the upstream business with major integrated companies and independents.  Whether you wish to assess a new country entry or asset acquisition, review an existing portfolio or require assistance to manage production assets and brownfield revitalization we can help. Our depth of experience insures knowledge of not only countries and basins but also cultures. We have extensive knowledge of HSE operations and processes, onshore facilities and management of contracts and agreements.




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David Blanchard Managing Director

International Upstream & Exploration  Strategy  New & Joint Ventures  Contract Negotiations  Exploration & Development  

– Team Management 



  • Negotiates production sharing agreements

  • Acquisition of numerous bid-round blocks

  • Acquisition and divestment of key assets

  • Significant discoveries

  • Assisted offshore platform installation

  • Managed business continuity during geopolitical crisis   

Dave is the founder and managing director of DB Global Energy. He helps clients assess their goals, create a customized strategy; connects them with the right consultant, oversees the entire contract & process.


Dave is a geologist with over 40 years of experience working to make a difference in the industry. From working on rigs in Alaska to research work at the USGS, to launching offices and projects across the Middle East and North Africa and beyond he has successfully navigated the international and US energy industry.  He has taken on senior management roles where he negotiated agreements and managed teams, sometimes in intense geopolitical environments and in cultures with diverse standards. He has collaborated regularly with national governments and regulators achieving an exceptional reputation in the Middle East and beyond as a fair and balanced professional.

Lucian Wray Engineering Technology

Upstream & Exploration  Greenfield Development 

 Measurement Protocols  Brownfield Evaluation     



  • Production optimization

  • Artificial lift design and optimization

  • Surface facility scoping and project execution

  • Completion design and execution

  • Waterflood operations

Lucian provides assessments of the current producing, drilling and completion practices to validate a party's claims of upside and/or independently identify areas of upside by recommending improved operating practices and capital utilization, which can then be used in valuation modeling.  He has experience in taking new discoveries from a fast tracked early production operation through full field development including waterflood implementation and assesses reasonableness of proposed development planning from a cost, timing and execution perspective.  Alternate recommendations will be made where current practices can be improved delivering greater production reliability and efficiencies. Review of effectiveness of maintenance and mechanical integrity programs to quantify potential for upsets or downtime that could negatively impact property valuation.  Recommendations to mitigate potential problems will be provided.  Current custody transfer, allocation and measurement protocols will be evaluated and assessed for accuracy and adherence to standards.   

Mike Coffield.jpg
Michael Coffield Commercial, Land, Contracts

International Upstream & Exploration – Strategy  New & Joint Ventures – Contract Negotiations   Land  – Team Management 



  • Negotiations of production sharing agreement

  • A&D Expert; International & US

  • Land & Title 

  • Midstream Sector

  • Integrated Project Management

  • Managed business continuity during financial distress   

Mr. Coffield is a vision driven executive with keen financial and transactional acumen.  He is expert in strategic assessment of competitors and host countries, as well as international operational optimization and new project generation in the energy upstream and midstream sectors. His work experience includes major oil companies, public listed companies, and private independents, and includes living and working in several international locations. He is a proven leader for creation, growth and operation of energy industry property portfolios, and in negotiations with host governments, venture partners and property owners. Mr. Coffield is Past President of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators, is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London.  He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, and an MBA from Rice University. 

Robert cropped.jpg
Robert Priest Reservoir Engineer

 International Upstream Reservoirs – Economics 

 Uncertainty Analysis   



  • Reserves evaluation

  • Risk and uncertainty analyses

  • Practical reservoir engineering (analogue study, material balance, decline analysis, volumetrics, etc)

  • Economic modeling

Robert provides assessment of the different reserves categories (proved developed producing, proved undeveloped, resource play, etc) with upsides, and incorporating uncertainty range as needed.  Additionally, his experience to assess the infill programs and waterflood plans where appropriate. He has worked and led various water floods working in various projects ranging from peripheral to 5-spot patterns in reservoirs from 2012 - 2019.

ProfessionalPic_VNeal for WIX.jpg
Vanessa Glass-Neal Reservoir Engineer

Waterflood Evaluation & Optimization – Economic Analysis – Global Upstream (Re)Development – Unconventional Exploration – Performance Improvement – Mentoring & Coaching


  • Published waterflooding expert

  • Forecasts wells using decline curve analysis

  • Performs economic evaluations via ARIES or PHDWin

  • Models and simulates reservoirs in various software 

  • Codes Excel for customizable processes and data displays

  • Recommended 100 MMBO EUR in projects across 50+ field studies

Vanessa is a motivated reservoir engineer with 15 years of experience delivering value to E&P operators in the oil industry. Her experience spans a wide swath of the industry, from working as an MWD hand in the Gulf of Mexico, supervising onshore US production operations, to modeling waterflood optimization and development plans internationally. Vanessa has a proven record of managing projects from concept to completion, building relationships and coaching young professionals to success.

Her passion for sharing knowledge and expertise in waterfloods has been showcased in publications and webinars:

  • SPE The Way Ahead Published Article – The Role of Surveillance Plots in Diagnosing Waterfloods

  • EEGS SU SC InSite Published Article – Improving Waterflood Efficiency by Understanding Pressure Boundaries and Balancing Patterns

  • Apache Technical Forum Presenter – The Effects of Longitudinal vs Transverse Hydraulic Fractures on Horizontal Wells in an Egyptian Waterflood Setting

  • SPE Beirut Section Webinar – Waterflooding Overview

Beau Buisson edit for WIX.jpg
Beau Buisson Drilling Engineer

  International Drilling  Workovers  Contracting  



  • Drilling operational supervision

  • Drilling well design and optimization

  • Workover and re-entry design and optimization

  • Drilling cost estimation and well programming

  • Drilling budget preparation 

  • Rig, well equipment, and drilling services contracting and scheduling

Beau provides assessments of the current drilling, completion and workover practices to evaluate seller’s proposed upside. I can independently identify areas of potential upside by recommending improved drilling practices and showing the impact of continuous improvement on well costs over time, which can then be used in reservoir economic modeling.  He utilizes recent, latest-technology US horizontal well and multi-pad drilling experience to evaluate economics and feasibility of implementing these techniques globally, given the length and breadth of my engineering and supervisory experience.  He also offer insights of working in a managerial role and achieving goals in a joint venture structure.  Recommendations for standardized, fit-for-purpose, well designs will be provided in order to simplify contracting and procurement and optimize well costs.    

Damian Kelly - Petroleum Geophysicist -
Damian Kelly 
Petroleum Geophysicist

Exploration and Production (E&P) Petroleum Geophysics  

– Brownfield & Greenfield 



  • 2D & 3D Seismic Data Interpretation (onshore & offshore) 

  • Accurate well-seismic calibration

  • Seismic Stratigraphy

  • Detailed and accurate Fault Interpretation & Structural Model Building

  • Velocity Modelling & Depth Conversion 

  • Reservoir Characterisation

  • Volumetric Analysis

  • QC of third-party seismic data interpretation projects

  • Strong, cogent technical presentations

Damian’s key focus is detailed and accurate 2D and 3D seismic data interpretation. He has strong international experience from working as the lead geophysicist on core E&P assets for majors and independents operating in a diverse range of sedimentary basins and tectonic regimes in Australia, New Zealand, India, Egypt, Argentina, Ghana, and Peru. Damian identified a new stratigraphic play concept on the North West Shelf, Australia, which contributed to Quadrant Energy’s world-class Dorado-1 discovery (450 MMBOE) in July 2018. Leading-edge software and technologies, including Petrel, are leveraged to optimise reservoir mapping and characterization, to delineate and promote E&P drilling opportunities to stakeholders. 

Pasquale Scaturro Geophysics & Reconnieter

International Upstream & Exploration  Seismic Acquisition - Remote Locations - Onshore Logistics - Business Continuity



  • Negotiations in remote location

  • Acquisition of seismic in challenging environments

  • Global perspective on traditional cultures

  • Significant discoveries

  • Onshore logistics

  • Managed business continuity during geopolitical crisis   

Pasquale has worked in many countries in varying capacities including country manager, seismic bird-dog, field geologist, acquisition specialist, negotiator and executive advisor. He started a geophysical acquisition and processing company in the Rocky Mountains that quickly became a huge success which was acquired in the 1990s. Pasquale's qualifications as a savvy negotiator and problem solver, particularly in remote unpredictable locations, are invaluable to a company seeking resolution of challenges whether on the ground or in the board room. 

Pasquale is a world-class explorer and adventurer having summited Mt. Everest twice as well as other peaks and in 2005 was the first person to navigate the entire 3,500 km length of the Nile River from the headwaters of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia to Alexandria, Egypt (an IMAX movie was made of this epic journey). He has his pilot license and flew in the Cairo to Cape Town rally in 2015. 

pasley edit_2.jpg
Mark Pasley Geologist

Geo-Reservoir Evaluation  Exploration and Production  

– Brownfield & Greenfield 




  • Reservoir characterization

  • Log-based reservoir analysis – sequence stratigraphic emphasis 

  • Reservoir sedimentology and facies description

  • Reservoir description with an emphasis on compartmentalization, continuity, and nature of individual flow units

  • Reservoir modeling

  • Volumetric analysis with an emphasis on lognormal distributions of reservoir parakeets

Mark provides reservoir description and volumetric assessments for various projects – ranging from exploration leads and prospects to field development plans.  He has broad experience with brownfield infill programs and waterflood planning in various types of reservoirs.  Log-based reservoir correlations and mapping are a core technical capability and he performs reservoir mapping on a variety of platforms.  He has significant experience with reservoir modeling in Petrel – having created fully populated reservoir models for fields in which he has served as the lead geologist in various settings worldwide.

Tom Reed Geologic Engineer/Petroleum Geologist

Diverse Worldwide Exploration and Production Experience – Able to interpret and integrate the products of different upstream disciplines to yield more insightful and defendable subsurface interpretations. 



  • Production/Development Geology

  • Waterflood planning and optimization

  • Interpreting Structurally Complex Environments

  • 3D Geocellular reservoir modelling

  • Seismic interpretation and depth conversion

  • Petrophysical evaluations

  • Subsurface data management

  • Ability to master subsurface software programs

  • Sharing my knowledge with others

Tom has had an eclectic career in the oil industry starting out in his teenage years working as a roustabout, floorhand on pulling units and as a pump repair person in an oilfield supply store.  These early work activities helped support his educational financial needs, but also guided him to focus his university education on the oil industry.  These experiences, along with serving in roles as a Production Geologist, Operations Geologist, Petrophysicist, Seismic Interpreter and 3D Reservoir modeler in basins around the world has allowed him to gain a broad and unique spectrum of insights into the subsurface that most don’t acquire.  With this diverse knowledge base, he has been able to provide holistic evaluations of the subsurface that yielded innovative and insightful interpretations that challenged conventional wisdom, led to many successful development programs, as well as saving a few programs that had faltered.  Just ask him, he is always happy to tell you about them.  

Martin Oldani.jpg
Martin Oldani Geologist

International Upstream & Exploration  New & Joint Ventures   

– Contract Negotiations – Exploration & Development  Team Management 



  • Planning and Benchmarking

  • Portfolio and Capital management

  • Prospect Assessments, Risked Rankings, 

  • Multiple Petroleum Basins

  • Exploration Prospects - Probabilistic Reserves and Risking

  • Planning and Execution 3D Geophysical Programs

  • Integrated Full Field Development  – Primary and Secondary (Waterflood) Recovery

  • 3D Seismic Interpretation 

Brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record as a successful manager of active geophysically based, multi-rig exploration and development drilling portfolios, in multiple petroleum basins, encompassing varied structural settings, stratigraphy, and depositional systems, including unconventional shale plays, conventional clastic and carbonate plays, and Improved Recovery Full Field Development waterflood and CO2 programs. Strengths include technical team building and strategic leadership, planning and benchmarking, portfolio and capital management, and partner and regulatory relationships, including International Concession Licensing and Profit Sharing agreements and negotiations. 

Geoff Killick Finance, Commercial & Accountant 

International Upstream Commercial  Finance  New & Joint Ventures  Contract Negotiations      



  • Accounting and commercial review of JOA and PSA agreements 

  • Review project expenditures accounts for correctness and accuracy

  • Review of accounting records and identification of under accruals 

  • Verification of statements of liabilities 

  • Project economic and financial modelling

  • Post-acquisition expenditure and internal controls reviews

  • Review of accounting policies and procedures for compliance with corporate requirements

Finance and commercial professional with 30+ years’ experience in oil and gas projects, the last 18 years working in Egypt including commercial evaluation of oil and gas projects from exploration and development through to mature producing fields. 

Financial due diligence of working capital schedules upon purchase agreement closing.

Assistance to companies with organizing accounting and financial information on E&P assets in preparation for their offer for sale.

Gonzales Enciso Portfolio Risk Management

International Upstream & Exploration  Strategy   New & Joint Ventures  Portfolio Risk Management  Exploration & Development Team Management 



  • Portfolio management 

  • Risk evaluation 

  • Deep water & sub-salt

  • Significant discoveries

  • Management of integrated technical teams  

Mr. Enciso is a recognized expert in global exploration and portfolio management with technical capabilities that include risk evaluation at the basin and prospect level, volumetric assessment, bid round negotiations and managing multi-disciplinary teams. He specializes in evaluation of depositional systems, particularly deep-water and subsalt plays. He has an established track record of guiding technical teams resulting in successful negotiations with NOCs for leases that have yielded world-class discoveries

Mr. Enciso serves on the Advisory Board for the University of Kansas, is past Board member of Energy Geological Institute (EGI) and an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council.​

Rob Butler edit for WIX.jpg
Robert Butler Geoscientist

Upstream Exploration and Development   Unconventional   New Ventures  Production Geology



  • Regional Mapping

  • Well log analysis

  • Core analysis

  • Data Room evaluation

Rob is a geologist with over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas business.  He began his career with Marathon Oil in the Anadarko Basin where he worked within a team developing prospects and recompletion opportunities.  He has worked on large scale basin evaluations and been involved in several unconventional drilling programs.  Rob enjoys regional mapping, well log analysis, and core.   The integration of the three is his passion.  He is a member of the AAPG and volunteer for several Houston organizations such as HGS, Houston Foodbank, Habitat for Humanity, and Watch Dog Dad’s.  

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